About Us

Aimed at promoting cross-border business opportunities and social projects for the common good, the WYN is a global youth network for young pioneers and changemakers to connect and collaborate. WYN’s flagship leadership programme, Young Fellows, focuses on creating a top-class leadership mentality in the next generation, coupled with a strong moral compass embodied in its philosophy of altruistic leadership under the tagline ‘Learn. Empower. Earn. Return’. Other initiatives include IdeaLab, a boutique startup conference that connects global investors to the most promising startups around ASEAN, and MOCAfest, which aims to bridge the gap between the creative industries and the business world.

What We Do

WYN organises flagship programmes such as the WIEF IdeaLab (a boutique startup networking conference), the annual WIEF Young Fellows programme (a leadership programme nurturing top class leaders with a strong moral compass), the MOCAfest (WIEF’s creative arts initiative to help empower creative talents across the globe), the MOCAfellows (a creative arts residency for emerging artists), the Internship Programme (a cross-border internship placement programme), thinkTalk (a community dialogue session) and the WYN Networking Evening (a speed networking event bringing together young professionals from different industries).

Please contact Said Hamadi, Senior Manager, WYN Initiative on said@wief.org for more information.

About Us

WIEF Young Leaders Network (WYN) is a global youth network for young change-makers to connect and collaborate...