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Mental Strategy: Building High-Performing Teams


WIEF thinkTALK Series 2023 are three virtual sessions designed to empower young changemakers with compelling ideas and in-depth knowledge from prominent leaders as well as industry experts on leadership, business, entrepreneurship and current global issues. The series bring together inspiring thinkers who are willing to contribute thoughts and individuals from every discipline who seek knowledge in this world of disruption that we inhabit.


Change starts with people who in turn will drive organisational transformations. Employees need good mental health to be able to cope with stress, to learn and work well, and efficiently contribute to an organisation’s growth. This is now crucial since stress levels, anxiety and depression are increasing in a world of uncertainties.


This second edition of WIEF thinkTALK Series 2023 discusses:

  • Main causes of poor mental health in workplaces and its impacts.
  • Proactive approaches to effectively support mental health at workplaces.
  • Mental health as business strategy for growth, innovation, and adaptation.
  • Roles of employers and policymakers in promoting good mental well-being.