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E-marketing Success Story: Virtual Influencers


WIEF thinkTALK Series 2023 are three virtual sessions designed to empower young changemakers with compelling ideas and in-depth knowledge from prominent leaders as well as industry experts on leadership, business, entrepreneurship and current global issues. The series bring together inspiring thinkers who are willing to contribute thoughts and individuals from every discipline who seek knowledge in this world of disruption that we inhabit.


Non-human online celebrities such as virtual influencers, are an emerging trend of influencer marketing which resulted from the rapidly evolving digital landscape. They have become essential for a brand’s digital and social media marketing strategies, and they attract a vast spectrum of world-class brands. With no physical, nor geographical limitations and minimum controversial risks, the engagement rates and growth retention of virtual influencers are much higher than those of traditional influencers. Despite that, many marketers are not aware of these futuristic means of marketing.


This final edition of WIEF thinkTALK Series 2023 discusses:

  • The rise of virtual influencers, and how they work.
  • The power of virtual influencers on sales and brand awareness.
  • Pros and cons of working with virtual influencers.
  • Skill sets and steps required to creating a virtual influencer for a brand.
  • The future of virtual influencers and how to further increase their potential.