WIEF thinkTalk is a special session designed to empower young changemakers with compelling ideas and deep knowledge on leadership, business, entrepreneurship and the world’s most pressing issues from prominent leaders as well as industry experts. It welcomes inspired thinkers willing to contribute their thoughts and individuals from every discipline seeking knowledge in this world of disruption in which we live. In this virtual WIEF thinkTalk edition, the speaker will dive deeply into digital business and explore how it continues to be a driving force for world economic recovery and growth.


The pandemic has forced businesses to explore new and heighten levels of digital collaboration. This is pivotal in positioning them to thrive beyond the near and intermediate terms. With digital ecosystems forecasted to contribute towards a larger portion of the global corporate revenue by 2025, the digital journey is no longer seen as a new endeavour, but a powerful enabler in bridging the physical and digital worlds to deliver new business value and a key differentiator in times of crisis.

E-commerce is now at the forefront of retail. The adoption curve for online payments is on a steep rise and the supply chain is witnessing unprecedented digital acceleration. These are signs that digitisation has stepped in to fill the gaps left by mandated shutdowns and physical distancing. How can digital businesses persevere to ensure being future-ready beyond this crisis and continue to drive economic recovery and growth?

This session will discuss:

  • How digital business can build an advantage in efficiency, productivity and agility through innovative efforts and creative models.
  • The lessons to learn from examples of digital and data collaboration industries that have helped accelerate positive outcomes during the crisis.
  • How can policymakers support digital businesses in terms of cross-border trade challenges, network capacity, digital incentives and subsidies, online trade policies, talents, narrowing the digital divide and levelling the playing field for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.


  • Frances Valintine (CNZM), Founder, Tech Futures Lab, New Zealand


  • Ebrahim Patel, Chairman WIEF Young Leaders Network & Managing Director, SiyaXoxa Technologies, South Africa

Role Players


Frances Valintine

Founder, Tech Futures Lab, New Zealand

Ebrahim Patel

Chairman, WIEF Young Leaders Network
Managing Director, SiyaXoxa Technologies, South Africa