Young Fellows 2019 invites interested participants to join in and kickstart the scene in Penang!


(*limited to 26 carefully selected registrants).

WIEF Young Fellows

Penang is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia for its rich heritage, vibrant multicultural society, a wide range of modern entertainment, world-famous Penang cuisine and a thriving health industry, among others. George Town has received many international accolades in recent years and has been listed as one of Asia’s top travel destinations by the international media including CNN, Forbes and Time.

Tourism is big business. The implementation of digital technologies further enhances the tourism industry by improving tourists’ experience, which in turn, generates higher revenue.

In the course of this four-day event, participants of the Young Fellows programme will gain an in-depth knowledge on the tourism ecosystem and discover the smartest way to bring tourism economy to their countries by leveraging on the Penang tourism model. Participants of Young Fellows will also develop other skills in leadership as well as entrepreneurship, and acquire real time business experience.

Young Fellows arrive in Penang and check in at the hotel.

A gamified welcoming dinner reception for the Young Fellows and organisers to get to know themselves.

Young Fellows get an overview of the programme, and an in-depth understanding of this year’s programme challenge – producing a short promo video of up to two minutes on a tourist attraction in Penang and making it viral on social media. Young Fellows will be divided into three groups according to their personality strengths and expertise. Each group chooses one particular sector for its video production:
1. Penang cuisine
2. Penang arts and culture
3. Heritage sites and ecotourism

This workshop session is designed to equip Young Fellows with a deep understanding of the tourism industry, its landscape, tourists’ demands and economic impacts. A case study of Penang model will be presented and discussed.

Advances in digital technology are transforming the tourism industry. In this session young fellows discover how smart tourism 4.0 can take the industry to the next level utilising opportunities in the digital age.

Young Fellows share among themselves factors that have significant effect on overall tourists’ satisfaction and how it is in their own countries.

Creativity is essential to keep any business moving forward. In this workshop Young Fellows grasp the necessary tools for a creative business such as contents, marketing, design and SEO.

An exploration of George Town city.

This is a session that summarises everything that is needed to be planned and executed to achieve on social media. It is very crucial for the group promo videos.

Each group get to together to set the vision, goals, objectives and action plans for the group challenge.

An interactive session between senior representatives of Penang State Tourism and Young Fellows on the leadership role played by the State Authorities to register Penang as a top tourist hub in Asia.

Young Fellows engage in community service with the less fortunate in Penang, either at an orphanage, disabled or old folks centre.

An intimate networking evening with CEOs, community leaders and innovators who can share their personal journeys and anecdotes to reach success.

Young Fellows share their views on the status of the humanitarian crises around the world, what brought us to this situation and how the youth should react to save their communities.

This a gamified learning on Penang tourists’ attractions with respect to the theme of the challenge. Young Fellows tour selective tourists’ places, interact with founders, community, tourists and prepare a solid data for the challenge.

Young Fellows get to watch cultural performances over or after dinner and subsequently learn to play instruments and movements.

Each group gets into the assigned challenge, conceptualise it and launch it on various social media platform.

Young Fellows and young leaders in Penang will get a chance to interact and engage with The Hon. Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman of WIEF and Ebrahim Patel, Chairman of WYN.

Each Group present its challenge to its peers and influential tourism industry experts.

• Welcoming Remarks by Ebrahim Patel, Chairman of WIEF Young Leaders Network

• Video presentations

• Closing Remarks by The Hon. Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman of WIEF

• Presentation of Certificates

• Dinner and end of WIEF Young Fellows 2019

A final sharing session of young fellows’ feedbacks, learning outcomes, prospects, agreements and promises.

Sneak Peek of Past Young Fellows Programmes

Speakers & Trainers


The Honourable Tun Musa Hitam

Chairman of WIEF Foundation and Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

Ebrahim Patel

Chairman, WIEF Young Leaders Network, WIEF Foundation and Managing Director, TransAfrix Holdings Ltd.

Joe Sidek

Executive Director of Joe Sidek Productions Sdn Bhd, Festival Director of Rainforest Fringe Festival Festival, Director of Putrajaya LIFT Festival

Haridas Sivadas

Director, Creative Digital Strategist, Klareco Communications



Razif Hashim

Entertainer, Educator & Entrepreneur, Ftalent

Parthiven Shan

Chief Executive Officer, Tripcarte Asia

Mark Ng

Co-founder of Simply Enak Food Experiences

Who Can Apply: 

  • Fresh graduates, young entrepreneurs, civil society leaders, community workers, researchers, junior professionals, artists, creative change makers who are between the ages of 20 and 30, and have a seed of an idea that they want to develop into a full-grown project.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate how this Programme will directly bene   t them, their community and their country.
  • Proficiency in English is required. If you are accepted you will be required to participate fully in the discussions and role-plays in English.

Application Details:

  • To apply, please submit the completed online application
  • For inquiries, please contact Said Hamadi at