In Focus

Women Re-Starters

Neha Bagaria created JobsForHer to spur women in India who…

April 12, 2019
In Focus

Medical Inflation

There are three main factors that contribute to the rise…

April 3, 2019
In Focus

A Vital Tool for Circular Economy

Design thinking is vital when adopting a circular economy. It’s…

March 27, 2019
In Focus

The Gig Economy

A look at the gig economy, a temporary work system…

March 22, 2019
In Focus

Education in the 21st Century

Teaching and education will help coming generations to be future…

March 19, 2019
In Focus

Online Marketing 101

The benefits of online marketing is numerous but not many…

March 15, 2019
In Focus

Modular Homes

A preliminary look at modular homes, its affordability, its appeal…

March 11, 2019
In Focus

A Compliant Web Browser

A safe and ethical web browser by a Malaysian company,…

February 25, 2019
In Focus

Taking a Bite of Burgernomics

Let’s take a bite-sized look at the Big Mac Index…

February 18, 2019
In Focus

Globalisation 4.0

Globalisation has made it possible for international trade. Here we…

February 18, 2019